Bed Bugs

(Insect Order Hemiptera)

File:Adult bed bug, Cimex lectularius.jpg

Bedbugs are blood feeders. They undergo a gradual transition of metamorphosis from egg – nymph – adult.

 During the day they are spent hiding in skirtings, cracks and crevices and harbouring areas in fairly close proximity to bedding or sleeping quarters.

Activity is usually detected by blood found on sheets and linen which has been extracted from the host. Infested situations can be seen in bed frames, open areas of carpet and excretion marks on skirtings and walls.

A bed bug infestation is troublesome, a minimum of one follow-up is required after initial treatment has taken place, along with significant improvement of hygiene standards by the affected persons including frequent vacuuming and hot washing of all clothing.

In certain cases, wrapping up infested belongings thoroughly and disposing is the best initial step to eliminate future issues.

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