(Order Blattodea)

cockroach control sydney

Cockroaches have proven to be very adaptable creatures which have evolved over time with origins back 300 million years ago.

There are around 3500 species of cockroach worldwide, however only a handful  has become seriously exploited in the dwellings of humans.

Cockroaches all share three types to gradual transition of metamorphosis – from Egg -Nymph -Adult.

They withhold some primitive chewing type mouths which enables them to easily adapt and exploit many types of food sources.

Most Cockroaches are Thigmotactic (Rest in cracks and crevices) with an available food source nearby. Humidity often enhances breeding cycles and can lay up to 40 eggs in conducive conditions in reference to serious German cockroach breeding grounds.

Common Cockroaches of Sydney include but not limited to:

-American Cockroach

-German Cockroach

-Smokey Brown Cockroach

-Australian Cockroach

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