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(Order Siphonaptera)

There are known to be around 90 species of fleas in Australia.

Adult structures are made up of piercing and sucking mouthparts, wingless and equipped with powerful claws and hind legs, that grapple the host or animal.

The growth of transition of metamorphosis is complete, with the process from egg -Larvae – Pupa in cocoon and Adult.

Humidity increases the development of larvae, which can enhance population  indoor and out.

Female Fleas can lay up to 8 eggs after each blood meal.

Flea bites allow the possibility of infection at the wound area and have historically been the cause of some serious devastating diseases namely the bubonic plague. Although not proven, fleas aid some role in of transmission of tapeworm to other animals and young children.

An application of well- directed approved insecticide is recommended.


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