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There are about 8000 specie of flies in Australia yet the most significant in any sector is the common housefly. Flies pose a severe risk for any type of structure where food is made or served -they transfer bacteria and microorganisms from their legs and also body and leave traces of bacteria behind through continuous excretion and regurgitation of saliva onto the foods they are feeding off.

Being strong flyers, many flies mate on the wing. The eggs are usually laid singly on or close to the larval food source. They hatch quickly. In some families, hatching within the female so that live larvae are deposited. The larvae pupae within the host or other food supply or in the ground nearby. Larvae of most specie feed on moist, often decomposing food items and other vegetable matter.

All environments are exploited by flies and can build up enormous numbers during favourable seasons.

Fly infestations can trigger issues that could pose a risk to quality, Hygiene and Housekeeping standards of the business along with its credibility. With high levels of food standard guidelines in place, it is essential to tackle the problem before it can take place in food serving and preparation areas. There are several means of combating the trouble flies bring and avoiding it from becoming a real problem.

Best Fly Control in Sydney

One method of keeping flies and flying insects out in high risk areas, if practical, is the installation of fly screens to doors and windows.

An alternative would be a Pesticide treatment. This method however, is limited and can be risky around food prep and serving areas. Even supermarket topical sprays and fly baits are made with hazardous chemicals that can cause damage and contamination in these high-risk areas.

A more advanced method for managing flies and other flying insects is the implementation of Electronic Flying Insect Control Units.

With a clear understanding of flies and flying insect behaviour, these units are designed and developed to offer the most efficient glue board insect control system. These units offer discreet insect control for all high risk areas. It uses well-proven ultraviolet shatterproof light- providing full protection against glass fragments falling into food, etc. – technology to draw the insects into the body of the unit. Once attracted, the insects are then trapped on specially formulated glue boards, that are cleverly hidden from view within the body of the unit and can easily and quickly be changed as required.

Great to use in a range of facilities from food manufacturing, kitchens, food prep and serving and other high areas. No noise, no smell, no debris, no pollution, no chemical. These units are fully compliant with all required Australian certified and safety standards.

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