lice mites

Lice/ Mites

(Order Phthiraaptera)

Lice are mostly parasites that live and feed on humans, birds and mammals.

Although 200 species are believed to be present in Australia, there are four Key Suborders:

-Rhyncophthirina, Are common lice that represent mandipulate or biting chewing and pinching style mouthparts mostly live and reside on birds, mammals, Rodents and the skins surface of the host.


-Anoplura,  Are common lice that pierce and suck on birds and mammals, blood being the main source of food.

– Amblycera

For Human Health concerns, contact a health professional or pharmacist for a range of effective treatments.

 Generally this is not usually a concern for pest management situations unless a distinguished area of pest bird species have resided in a nearby roof cavity or workstation.

Following the example scenario above –  this situation needs to be assessed  by a specialist pest technician, call us at Expel now and let us assist you.


Mites can occasionally become an issue to humans, particularly in offices and homes. They can originate from abandoned bird nests, stacks of paper or stationary in bulk storage or even from dust.

Mites bite and can attack humans. It can become a medical concern, if the source is not found and removed.                                                                                                        

Various Treatment methods, e.g. Carpet spray, or an approved pesticide dispersal  program depending on the situation are effective ways of controlling and eliminating  affected areas of your Home or Office.