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(Order Diptera)

Mosquitoes are Found all over Australia with over 270 known species. The blood sucking habit of the female has given these culprits significant pest status, which can affect the health and comfort of humans and animals.

Depending on the species, Mosquitos transmit varying types of virus. Some commonly identified viruses may cause Ross River fever or a similar fever virus known as Barmah forest, which although can be treated, can be an unpleasant experience for anyone affected.

Common preventative measures can be taken by minimising exposure during feeding hours and climatic conditions, e.g.  long sleeve clothing, use of repellents to exposed body parts, mostly the face, arms, and ankles.

Minimise breeding sources such as stagnant water, moist dense vegetation, etc. If practical, install screens to entry point.

Expel provides effective alternative methods to control, minimise or eliminate Mosquito problems to prone work areas, courtyards and muster points, etc.  Contact our Office for further assistance and consult

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