Termite Control Sydney

termite-treatment-sydneyTermites – Facts

Termites are considered to be the hidden enemy and destroyer pest because they are reticent. They hide and thrive without any immediate evidence until it has done damage. They could thrive anywhere in your commercial facility or residential structure.

Although each termite specie thrives in different climates and feeds on different types of matter, all termites require the following to survive:

  • Food such as timber or wood
  • moisture
  • shelter
  • favourable temperature

Unfortunately, all buildings including your home, regardless of their construction type, can provide these ideal conditions for termite infestation.

Facts to Know about Termites

If you have a termite problem, chances are you won’t know until you see the damage. Even then, you won’t  know for sure. Many homeowners and building managers are not aware that these pests are lurking because termites mostly live unseen underground and in the walls of any structure. Because an infestation is so difficult to diagnose, termites can cause a spiralling and unexpected costs to every homeowner or building and property managers, .

To protect your home and facility from these secret and hidden pests, these tips from E can help termite problems become an issue and worry of the past.

  1. Termites are more active where and when it is warm. Termites tend to be more active in warmer temperatures as they work to store food for the winter months. However, in warmer parts of any place, they are a year-round threat. In Sydney, for example,  and other warmer cities,  more species of termites will be found.
  2. Termites do leave indicative signs, but furtively, a good gauge of a termite infestation include wood or timber that sounds hollow when tapped, cracked or bubbling paint, signs of mudpackings on exterior walls or crawl spaces, and a good swarm of winged insects, known as alates in or around your premises.
  3. Basic and simple steps can help prevent an infestation. While termite treatment should be left to an E specialist, you can take simple steps to help protect your premises. Keep gutters and downspouts free of debris, install screens on exterior vents, store firewood and lumber away from your premises, and eliminate moisture by fixing pipes and other home fixtures prone to leaking.


Don’t let these sneaky master pests put you and your property in a losing streak. If you’re concerned about termites, call E for a quick consult and we can arrange an inspection to determine whether or not these secret pests have taken over your premises.

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