Image result for Order AcarinaTicks (Order Acarina)

Ticks Originate from a similar family to spiders (Arachnids), however differ considerably due to the Body structure incorporated into one region, noted the Head, Thorax and Abdomen

They share the common leg structure to that of spiders x2 pairs at adult stage.

Although not often found, the Protected Species Bandicoots are common carriers of this troublesome pest, which over due time relay the problems to our animals undergrowth and Pets.

The female Tick is the biting culprit, can lay up to 3000 eggs, which hatch  within 40-60 days in tepid climatic conditions

This issue commonly becomes a Veterinary and Medical concern in distressing situations. However,  a measured treatment using an approved product is favourable in the prevention of Ticks, which can be applied to areas of suspected harbouring, foliage or vegetation and suspected areas.

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